Want to spread good culture?

We at Spark Kombucha understand the importance of giving back to our local community. This is why each year we hand select one non-profit local organization to partner with for an annual donation.

But if you have a event or cause that is closely aligned with our company values of supporting local producers, sustainability and increased awareness for health and wellness, feel free to let us know. On occasion, we carefully select and proudly support local organizations through in-kind donations for fundraisers and auctions. These initiatives directly impact the residents and communities in which our kombucha is served.

If your request fits within the criteria above, please complete the online form below or contact us at sponsorship@sparkkombucha.com.

If you are looking to have Kombucha on Tap (KOT) served at your event, please contact sales@sparkkombucha.com for pricing and availability options. We do not offer KOT services as part of our sponsorship program at this time.

Please note that sponsorship requests should be submitted 15-20 days in advance for processing and pickup of requested products. Due to the high volume of requests received and limited merchandise inventory, only those organizations that are granted donations will be contacted.



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